10 Questions to Ask a Potential Custom Home Builder

Thinking about designing the custom home of your dreams? One of the key steps to the custom home building process is finding the right builder for the job. With new home builders popping up every day, choosing the best builder for your project can seem like a daunting task.

Is this your first time building a home? Feel a little inexperienced when it comes to the process? Coming up with a solidified list of questions to ask potential home builders you interview can help you identify what sets each one apart from each other so you can make the best decision for your needs.

After hundreds of conversations and discussions we’ve had with prospective and past clients, we’ve compiled a list of questions you should ask before accepting a builder offer to help you find the best partner for your individual needs.

Home-a-Rama Kitchen Dining

How long have you been a custom home builder?

This may seem like an obvious question to ask, but it can often be overlooked. You should search the best home builders with years of reputable homebuilding experience behind them. For more than two decades, Whicker Construction has been crafting custom homes for clients across Indianapolis and beyond.

What is your process like?

Throughout the construction of your new home, you’ll want to make sure your builder’s process fits your estimated timeline. For example, we have an 8-step custom homebuilding process that details how we’ll work closely with you from initial design to final touches and move-in.

Have you built this style of home before?

During your first meeting with a potential home builder, ask about your style preferences. It’s important to work with a builder who has built homes similar to the style or overall look you are going for so you can be certain you’ll get exactly what you want.

Can you make my home energy efficient?

If you value sustainability throughout your custom home design, ask any potential custom home builders if they can incorporate energy-efficient components to your home.

Can you build on a lot I already own?

If building your dream home on your dream lot is part of your goal, you need to make sure you find a custom homebuilder that has a program for building on your lot. At Whicker Construction, we can work closely with you to evaluate a lot you already own and ensure it’s suitable for your build.

What does client communication look like?

Communication is key during a custom build! When you interview potential builders, ask them how they plan on keeping you informed during the construction of your home. At Whicker Construction, or philosophy is to never begin a project without first forming a strong relationship with the homeowner. Once we’ve developed a solid foundation with you, we’ll make sure to keep you in the loop during every step of our building process.

Where can I find a portfolio of your past work?

Some custom home builders will have models you can tour, but if they don’t, ask for a portfolio of photos from previous floor plans and builds. Your potential home builder may have a portfolio page available for viewing on their website.

How much will my custom home cost?

A custom home is a large investment and it’s important for your builder to be transparent and open about their pricing and payment approach so you know how much the process will cost from the beginning without any additional expense surprises. At Whicker Construction, we advocate a fixed cost approach, meaning we estimate the cost of building your home and agree to take responsibility for any overages that are not related to change orders or allowances.

Just how customizable is my custom home?

Wants and needs can change over time. If you anticipate that you might end up making changes to your home during construction, you’ll need to find a flexible custom home builder who can work with your wishes and ensures your vision, from cabinet colors to flooring, can be met.

Do you have a warranty program?

If something in your new home needs fixed after construction is over, you need to make sure you work with a good builder that has some type of warranty program in place. When you build your home with Whicker Construction, you’ll get detailed information about warranties on every facet of your home. We’ll also schedule a 60-day follow-up appointment to address any issues that or questions that might arise.

Are you ready to bring your unique vision to life?

At Whicker Construction, we understand that building a custom home is a very personal experience that should not be taken lightly. When we build a custom home, we create a strong, trusting relationship with every client and constantly communicate with them to ensure their needs and desires are met, with no detail overlooked.