4 Reasons To Build Instead Of Buy In 2022

Ready for a new start in a new home in the new year? If you’re looking to make a move in 2022, you might be trying to make a lot of different decisions.

Where do you want to be located?

What features do you need in your home?

Do I want to build or buy?

A home is a large investment and deciding between either building or buying can be overwhelming. While building may seem a lot more complex, it can offer many benefits that an already-built home doesn’t. Benefits include…

  • Avoiding bidding wars – The housing market has been CRAZY. Prospective homebuyers have been offering well-above listing prices, even waiving inspections, in hopes to win over the sellers. Building allows you to avoid the stress and heartbreak of battling and losing out on offers.
  • Increasing energy efficiency – New windows, insulation, siding, roofing and more creates a more sturdy, sound and efficient home. Plus, you can implement the latest technology and
  • Saving on costs – While building may cost more in the long run, you recoup those quickly as you can avoid the headaches and often hefty expenses of repairs, updates and remodeling of an older home.
  • Enjoying a home that is YOURS – There’s nothing like building a custom home that no one else has lived in and is truly YOURS. You don’t have to settle on a home that doesn’t quite fit your needs or is missing any features. You get to truly craft and tailor the space to fit you and your family’s lifestyle and wants to truly love and enjoy for years and years.

If you’re ready to build a finely crafted, unique home that fits your vision, let us help you! Whicker Construction is accepting limited reservations for 2022 and would be happy to learn more about your needs and help you create the dream home you love and deserve. Contact us to schedule a consultation today!