5 Benefits of Hiring a Local Custom Home Builder

After multiple discussions and thoroughly thinking through your options, you’ve finally decided that you want to move forward with building a new home. You have ideas and styles in mind, a tentative budget and a lot to build your dream home on — but what about a builder?

With so many custom builders out there, it can be overwhelming to work through the custom home builder selection process. One way to narrow down your options is by choosing a local custom home builder. Compared to national builders, local builders offer major advantages that not only save you money but put you and your family at the center of the building process.

Local expertise

Hiring a custom home builder who has years of experience and expert knowledge of the area you want to live will make the homebuilding process a lot better. From climate and weather conditions to the local economy and communities, local homebuilders know how to build houses that are safe and can stand strong against the elements and work with other local vendors that may be needed on your project. Another benefit of hiring a local builder is their extensive knowledge of local regulations and building codes, which will ensure your project stays on track.


Like any other small business, a local house builder values their presence and standing in the community. National builders are harder to reach and more likely to leave you out of the loop during the design and construction of your dream home. However, when you build custom home with a local builder you can have peace of mind knowing someone will always be close by throughout every phase of the homebuilding process. If you have questions or concerns, your builder will be just a text, phone call or short drive away.


You’ll work very closely with your builder as you decide on the layout and initial designs of your home. One benefit of hiring a custom home builder in your local area is easy accessibility to them and their work. Almost all local builders have spec homes and previous work you can look through to aid you through your design and decision-making process. National builders tend to give you a templated floorplan based on your requirements because it’s easier for them and faster. However, a local builder will show you their capabilities and help you build a house that’s truly customized to your exact vision.

Better customer experience

Local custom home builders truly value their clients. At Whicker Construction, we never start a project until we’ve built a strong relationship with the homeowner. Local builders follow this philosophy because they know that the homebuilding process can be daunting. However, a relationship with a solid foundation ensures that the process will be smooth from start to finish because both the client and the builder work closely together throughout every phase.

Money stays in your community

When you choose a professional custom home builder, local builders have the unique ability to keep money flowing in the community you plan to live in. More often than not, local builders invest, hire and spend in the local area, and since they tend to be residents of the area they work in, they have an interest in the long-term success and health of the community you’re living in. Local builders are likely to outsource any work they cannot complete to other local businesses, which helps the local economy thrive.

When it comes to selecting the perfect builder for your dream home, keeping the benefits of hiring a local builder will allow you to make an informed decision you will be confident about. If personability, accountability and the local community are important to you, we highly recommend choosing a local custom home builder.

If you’re ready to plunge into the homebuilding process and bring your unique vision to life with a local builder that truly values your project goals, give Whicker Construction a call. For more than 20 years, we’ve been crafting custom homes for clients in the Indianapolis area and beyond. When you work with us, we’ll walk with you through each stage of the custom homebuilding process to ensure that your finished home holds lasting value and complements your personal lifestyle and needs, with no detail overlooked.