7 Reasons to Build a Custom Home

Ready to move into a new home but struggling to find something you love in the market? Consider building instead! Building your own custom home in the Plainfield area not only allows you to get exactly what you want, but comes with other benefits the traditional homebuying process cannot offer.

  1. You Choose Your Builder

Building a home is a big investment that should be handled by someone your trust. The process of picking a builder allows you to work with someone who best aligns with your needs and is passionate about delivering a final home that you will love. At Whicker Construction, we never start a project until we have formed a strong relationship with our client to ensure a smooth, enjoyable process.

  1. You Can Better Plan for the Future

When you build a custom home, you can design with the future in mind. Whether you expect your family to grow or want to age in place, you can make decisions that will allow you to stay in your home longer and enjoy your investment for years to come.

  1. You Help Design the Floorplan

Not everyone prefers the same floorplan, and it is rare to find a floorplan with everything you want. One of the best parts about building a custom home in Plainfield is choosing exactly how it will be laid out. Instead of settling for a home that only has a few features you need, invest in one that has everything you have ever wanted.

  1. You Build Where You Want

It can be hard to find available homes in highly desirable neighborhoods and locations, but open lots give you an opportunity to settle down exactly where you want. When you build a custom home with Whicker Construction, you can craft your dream home on our existing lots in some of the area’s nicest neighborhoods — including Pemberton of Zionsville and Avalon North — or we can help you find a great place to live.

  1. You Can Reflect Your Personal Style

Building a custom home is a great opportunity to tap into your creative side and envision a space that represents who you are. From open concept kitchens to expansive outdoor living, you can ensure your home best complements your lifestyle, wants and needs. The right builder will make sure to bring every aspect of your vision to life so you are left with a home you will be proud to call your own.

  1. Everything is Brand New

One of the most frustrating aspects of moving into an existing home is uncovering broken appliances and fixtures that need to be replaced. However, when you build your own home, everything is new and up to date. You do not have to worry about leaky faucets, old wiring or broken appliances; you can get straight to enjoying your home instead.

  1. You are Backed by a Warranty

Appliances and materials are designed to last for years, but that does not mean they might be prone to breaking or repairs down the road. Custom homebuilders typically offer warranties that keep you protected in case of any unexpected issues. At Whicker Construction, we schedule a 60-day follow-up with our clients to address any issues and back all our homes up with warranties against faulty workmanship, defective materials and structural defects.

Ready to start your custom home building journey?

If you are ready to build an artfully crafted, unique home that fits your vision, let us help you! As a trusted builder in Plainfield and beyond, our team at Whicker Construction would be happy to learn more about your needs and help you create the dream home you love and deserve. Contact us to schedule a consultation today!