Choosing the perfect custom home builder

Deciding to build a custom home is a big decision. But after the choice is made, a bigger question pops up. Who can you trust with such a large investment? Will they be able to give you the finished product that you agree on? Follow these pointers and consider asking the following questions to make sure your choice is the right one, both for your family and your home.

Can you show me some of your work?

An experienced custom homebuilder should react to this question with excitement and be proud to show you what they’ve accomplished. They should also have quite a large selection to pull from, not just the photos on their website.

Can you provide me with more references?

Though a reputable builder will have positive reviews on their website, be sure to ask them personally for people who can attest to the work they provide. Do some digging on how their experience was. Was the builder respectful throughout the process? Were they there every step of the way?
Exterior Columns Custom Home

Are we covered from day 1?

It’s hard to believe, but contractor licensing is not required in Indiana, which means you can be liable for damages or injury if left unchecked. Ask your potential home builder to provide proof of liability and worker’s compensation insurance, as well as making sure they comply with all state regulations.
After you’ve asked these questions and done your own vetting, it’s time to decide on the one that seems to be the best fit for you! You want a team that you feel comfortable with and that makes your questions and concerns their own. Have questions? We’re here and have the experience, reputation and passion for excellence to make your homebuilding experience a great one.