Five Things To Consider When Choosing A Custom Home Floorplan

Building your custom home is an exciting experience but selecting the floorplan and features that make up your dream home can feel like an overwhelming task.

Don’t worry! With the right builder and the right resources, creating and deciding on a floorplan can be simple. To help make the process a little more manageable, consider these factors:

  1. How much home do you need now or in the future?

Your first stop on the way to the home you’ve always wanted is deciding how much home your family needs. If you have no children and no plans to have any, you’ll obviously need less space—and no playrooms!—as opposed to someone with 4 kids. Your home should not only be built with your current family in mind, but also your future plans. From expanding your family, to wanting to host all the relatives for the holidays, consider all of your possibilities before choosing your floorplan!

  1. The size of your lot.

You can’t build an expansive mansion on a tiny lot, which is why you need to have your lot picked out before selecting your floorplan. Choose a floorplan that is appropriate for the dimensions of your land and complements its features to avoid having a home that looks odd on your space.

  1. Land features on your lot.

Another important factor about your lot is the topography and layout. If there is a key area of your lot where the sun hits, this might be a great place for a large picture windows. Are there any hills or other features that need to be worked around? Consider all of the aspects of the land before making your choice.

  1. What are your must-haves?

Before selecting any design for your home, make sure you know what your essentials are. Can’t live without a large master suite? Need in-law quarters? Must have a large basement for entertaining? It’s your custom home — make sure you’re getting it! Knowing ahead of time what is vital and what isn’t that big of a deal will make the selection process smoother.

  1. What homes stick out to you?

Consider the homes you’ve been in that you have liked. What was it about the home that drew you in? Was it the layout of the rooms? The flooring? Spend some time visiting homes for sale in your area and note what interests you. These aspects can help guide the design of your new home.

Consider all these important factors before taking the plunge and choosing your new home’s floorplan.

If you’re ready to take the next step and bring your desired floorplan to life, Whicker Construction can help you with every step of the process to ensure you’re getting everything you want at the highest quality. Let’s talk about how we can get started building your dream home.