Hot Home Design Trends in 2021

Home décor trends are constantly changing. While the staples stay the same, the accessories, colors, accent pieces all shift, creating new design trends that tempt us to update our home.

In 2020, the pandemic shifted many people’s focus to crafting functional living spaces that closely resemble a comfortable, private sanctuary to escape from the tumultuous outside world. Unsurprisingly, the 2021 interior décor trends elaborate further on that approach to create a nurturing and comforting home. From mixing vintage with modern, maximizing natural light, and layering texture, here are the hottest design trends homeowners should be mindful of in 2021.


Home office décor trends

With more people continuing to work remotely, it’s no surprise that energetic, office-inspiring color palettes and soundproofing techniques such as carpeting, triple or double panel windows that reduce distracting noises have their place among the hottest 2021 home design trends. The trend also includes versatile spaces that meet the needs of both work and household functions like guest, living, or dining spaces.

Multi-purpose furniture

Now that everyone is home, you need your home to be beautiful and functional with the ability to serve two or more duties. Furniture like console tables and fold-down tables or chairs are functional and save space, especially for smaller houses or apartments.


Welcome back artistic depictions and wallpaper

Murals, wallpaper, and large-scale artistic depictions made a full comeback for 2021 – but in ways you may not expect. Textured walls are one of the favorite 2021 design trends, as a perfect fit with naturalistic, retro inspiration, and eclectic flairs. Wallpaper is also an excellent choice for lining your shelving, providing colorful backing for your cabinets, or creating a statement wall.

Earth color

The hottest color trend for 2021 is the use of a color palette provided by nature. Earthy-toned colors are becoming popular when selecting a bold shade for essential furniture pieces, tiles, accent walls, or adding color to make a more joyful space. When adding colors, you should keep it subtle and avoid overdoing it. Instead, select a part of your room’s décor, such as the sofa cushions, rug, or wall, to introduce the color and make sure it goes well with the rest of the accessories in your room.


More sunlight, please

Homeowners are installing skylights and roof windows to improve the daylight in their homes. Invite the sunlight in by simply opening up your windows, hanging sheer curtains/blinds, or keeping the windows bare. As you switch to working from home or spend more time indoors, ensuring an airy space filled with natural light will boost your serotonin level and increase productivity.

Go Grandmillennial

The grand-millennial décor was on the rise in 2020, and it will continue to grow in 2021 as homeowners crave a sense of nostalgia and comfort for their homes. Imagine the accessories, cushions, patterns, and pieces of furniture you may find in your grandparent’s house and team them with some carefully selected modern elements, and you might just be pulling off the year’s most notable trend.


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