Custom Home Building Process

Our Process

Site Evaluation & Design

During this initial stage, we’ll perform a complementary site evaluation and get to know your land. After this, we’ll work directly with you and our draftsman to create a one-of-a-kind design tailored specifically to your lifestyle and needs. If you have ideas or blueprints that are important to you, we’ll happily sit down and share our thoughts and any concerns about the function and the value of the design.


Whicker Construction advocates for a Fixed Cost approach. This means estimating the cost to build your home and agreeing to take responsibility for any overages that are not related to change orders or allowances. This approach lets you know exactly what you’re getting for your money and how much you are going to pay from the beginning.


After completing a final review of the placement of your home, plot plan, design and building specifications, it’s time for our team to break ground and begin construction.

Framing, Plumbing & Electrical

During this stage we’ll build the skeleton of your custom home, including flooring systems, walls and roofing systems. The exterior walls will then have a sheathing applied to them and the roof, windows and exterior doors will be installed.

After the shell of the home is complete, we’ll get to the plumbing and electrical installations, including piping and wiring, sewer lines and ventilation, water lines, bathtubs and shower units, ductwork and more. We ensure no detail is overlooked and every wire, pipe and system flows and functions perfectly with your design.



The exterior finishes and siding that were decided on during our design stage will installed, as well as any accents or details. After this, you’ll finally start to see your home’s personality and style come together!


Next, the trim, cabinets and tile will all be installed throughout the interior, giving your home the functionality that it needs. Whether it’s your granite countertops in the kitchen, marble flooring in the entrance, unique storage features in the kitchen or laundry room, or just little touches here and there, your vision is almost complete.

Final Touches

This is often one of the most exciting parts for the homeowner. All of the small details are out in place, from painting and flooring finishes to installing mirrors and shelving. Everything is finally pulled together, and you get to see the design on paper right in front of your eyes. We’ll do thorough walkthroughs to ensure everything is placed exactly as planned, make any necessary small tweaks and ensure everything is functional, optimal and ready for you to move in.

Moving In

When the build is complete, you'll get a detailed walk-through and demonstration of every facet of your new home, including its warranties. We'll also schedule a 60-day follow-up appointment to address any issues that or questions that might arise.
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