Spring is right around the corner

The harsh winter is behind us. While you’re enjoying the sun and warmer temperatures, don’t forget what else comes with the season: spring cleaning! 

Is your home ready to have your neighbors and friends over, or is it still a bit cluttered from the winter? Does the front porch need some freshening up before it’s ready to show off? We have a few tips and tricks on how to get your home, both inside and out, ready for spring living and enjoyment.

stone fireplace

Working From Top to Bottom

Starting with the ceiling and working your way to the floor is a good rule of thumb. As debris, such as cobwebs or dust, starts to fall, you’ll be able to clean it up as you work your way down! This goes for hard-to-reach shelves, tabletops, and outdoor areas too!

Decluttering and Organizing

Start with the small things! Papers and desk drawers can be a great way to work your way up to those more time-consuming closets and cabinets.

Windows and Walls

Give your walls and blinds a good dusting, as well as remove any screens from your windows and wash them. When you open your windows to let some spring air in, the last thing you want is any dust or insects left on those screens to be blown back into your home!

Looking for Something More?

If you’ve tried all our tips and tricks and still aren’t getting that comforting home feeling, we can help. Building a new home with Whicker Construction means you can get exactly what you want – a customized home with no detail overlooked.